Bob Lord Supports the Right to Bear Arms

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The Economy Unemployment rising, record foreclosures, inflation rising, the stock market in retreat, record debt, record deficits… It’s time to revisit our trade policies, simplify our tax code, and make sure our economy is working for the middle class again. When CEOs are making more before lunch than a working family makes in a year, we know the economy is not working for America. Shadegg consistently sides with corporate special interests instead of Arizona families. In his 14 years in Congress he has handed out billions in corporate tax giveaways to the oil and energy industries, who in return have given him nearly a million dollars in campaign contributions.
Energy Independence “To me, this is a national security issue. Our nation spends billions of dollars every day on oil imports – money that goes to some of the most dangerous and repressive regions of the world. I am a strong supporter of renewable energies that will help us achieve energy independence and reduce the causes of climate change. We need a comprehensive strategy to support the development of alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, hydrogen, and to support greater efficiency and increased conservation.” Read more¬†HERE. Energy independence is simply not a priority for John Shadegg. He does not believe this is a national security issue and has repeatedly said he does not believe there is a climate change problem. He has twice voted against more domestic drilling this year and twice voted against solar energy here in Arizona.
Solar Energy “Investment in solar energy has Arizona’s future at its heart: investing in our innovation economy, creating new green collar jobs, and helping reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It’s hard to imagine anyone disagreeing with those priorities, but somehow Congressman Shadegg does.” Shadegg voted against solar power in Arizona twice this year alone. He supports billions of dollars in giveaways to the oil industry, who bankroll his campaign. (See:¬†Link)
Immigration “Our immigration system is broken and Washington has been unable or unwilling to act to solve it. My priorities in comprehensive federal immigration legislation: (1) secure the border, (2) enforce the law in the workplace, (3) deport criminals, (4) provide no amnesty, and (5) and require those who are here without documentation to become legal by paying a penalty, undergoing a background check, and learning English.” In 1994, there were about 100,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona. Today, there are over 500,000.

Shadegg has been in Congress since 1994 and has done nothing but stand in the way of immigration reform, even when Arizona’s leading Republicans, Senators Kyl and McCain, have been looking for solutions.

Iraq “It’s time for our troops to start coming home. I support a responsible redeployment of our troops from Iraq, planned and executed by our military leaders to ensure that our troops are safe. We should praise the work our men in women in uniform have done, and focus ourselves on fighting terrorists and finding Osama Bin Laden.” Shadegg is a rubber stamp for President Bush’s Iraq policies.
Healthcare “With 47 million Americans and 9 million children living without health insurance, it is time for action on healthcare, not more political rhetoric. Every American deserves access to a world-class healthcare system that delivers quality care at affordable rates. To me, this is a moral issue as much as it is an economic one.” Shadegg voted against SCHIP (Healthcare for poor children) 3 times (and counting), and called the SCHIP program a ‘fraud.’
Stem Cells “Stem cell research has the potential to save lives and cure diseases that affect millions of Americans. We can save lives by investing in stem cell research and we should.” Shadegg voted against a Republican bill that would expand federal funding for stem cell research.
Veterans “Our veterans have sacrificed for our freedom. We have a sacred duty to support them and their families in times of sacrifice. The first step in supporting our veterans is to provide them with the best healthcare possible by fully funding the Veterans’ Administration. Also, our National Guard and reservists serving in Iraq and Afghanistan deserve full access to G.I. Bill benefits. And, of course, we need to end the tax on veterans disability benefits.” Shadegg opposed the 21st Centruy GI Bill and healthcare for our returning soldiers. Voted against a $1500 pay raise for our troops in the field, but voted for his own pay raise nine times!
Ethics “We need greater accountability, transparency, and ethical leadership in Congress” Shadegg is facing a potential federal investigation into campaign finance violations and twice voted against ethics reform.
Education “I am proud to support our children’s public schools, because every American has the right to a quality public education. Washington needs to see that investments in Head Start, in our public schools, and in access to higher education is a critical priority and an investment in the future.” “I personally believe there is no place in the federal government for a Department of Education.”
Reproductive Choice Pro-Choice Anti-Choice, Rated 0% by NARAL

Bob Lord Supports the Right to Bear Arms

“I strongly support the right of law-abiding Americans to bear arms. The right to bear arms is an essential shield against tyranny and critical to our ability to defend our property and our families.The right to bear arms comes with great responsibility, and firearm safety education is an essential aspect of responsible gun ownership.

Weapons need to be kept out of the reach of children, felons, and those who have been found to be a danger to themselves or others.

I will oppose legislation that takes away the rights of law-abiding, responsible gun owners. All our civil liberties deserve protection.”

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