Bob Lord Launches Third TV Ad – “Deregulation”

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September 30, 2008
Bob Lord Launches Third TV Ad – “Deregulation”
“What’s the price tag when Shadegg votes 98% of the time for the disastrous Bush economic policies, the deregulation of insurance and banking that’s led to the worst financial crisis since WWII?” View the ad above!
September 16, 2008
Bob Lord Launches Second TV Ad – “Duty”

“John Shadegg actually says he puts his duty to support his party above everything else.” View the ad above!
September 4, 2008
Bob Lord Launches First TV Ad – “Vetting”

“Why would John Shadegg vote himself nine pay raises but oppose healthcare and bonuses for troops in Iraq & Afghanistan? Maybe it’s because Shadegg admits Washington changed him.” View the ad above!
September 3, 2008
Voter registration shifts in Lord’s favor

Congressional District 3’s voter registration numbers have changed substantially since 2006 and are setting the stage for an increasingly competitive race in November, statistics show. Since October 2006, 71 percent of new voters in the district registered for a party other than Republican. Only 29 percent of new voters registered as Republican (see graphic). The raw numbers show exactly 34,647 new registrants out of a total of 48,499 have chosen to register for any other party than Republican.
August 7, 2008
Lord stands up for Arizona’s energy future, Shadegg full of contradictions

John Shadegg gathered with others this week in the House to protest adjourning Congress without passing energy legislation, but Shadegg actually voted to adjourn early just six weeks earlier. Shadegg and several others from the protest group called for two votes to adjourn on June 24, but the motions were defeated due to a large lack of support from Democrats and Republicans.
August 6, 2008
Rhetoric vs. Reality: Gas Prices Up 260% Since Shadegg Elected

  What is Feminist Economics?

When John Shadegg went to Washington in 1994, he said he would be a reformer. He sure did a great job reforming energy policies to benefit some of his biggest donors: the oil, gas, and energy industry.

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